The 5 Must-Haves with Wine!





The splash in the glass as the soulful flavor touches your lips, the sinful bite of your delectable fare that follows, and the candid conversations that transpire while the midnight oil burns alongside!


Doesn’t this sound like a perfect evening? A wine drinking experience is one to be relished to its utmost. Pairing your wine with food that compliments it, can bring out the essence of the wine to the fullest!


Here are some combinations that we recommend for a pleasure-filled experience:


1) Shiraz serves well with stuffed OkraImage

Lush berry flavor and silky dry odour of the dark, heaty Shiraz wine are accentuated with Okra stuffed with spiced coconut! It provides an Indian flavor that goes beautifully with your well- deserved glass of red wine.


2) Relish Sauvignon Blanc with Fried Chicken RollsImage

The crispy citrus flavor of Sauvignon Blanc works perfectly well with sizzling fried chicken rolls that melt in your mouth deliciously! Try this combination when you want to indulge in substantial dinner coupled with some fulfilling white wine.


3) Fish in coconut milk gravy compliments your Merlot drinking experienceImage

The soft, plum flavour dominant in this red wine, Merlot, provides a sense of homely warmth when consumed with King Fish in Coconut Milk Gravy. Sit back, relax and lose yourself to this simple and wholesome culinary experience.


4) With Cabernet Sauvignon, indulge in Spicy Tandoori Grilled Chicken SaladImage 

The essence of Cabernet Sauvignon has a bold and assertive dominance that serves very well with a spicy Tandoori grilled chicken salad!


The high content of tannins in this red wine balance well with veggies and spicy grilled food, thus overwhelming you with this refreshing experience!


5) Savour Chenin Blanc with Chatpata Sev Potato PuriImage

Chenin Blanc, a light white wine offers a melon aroma coupled with hints of lime. Its flavours can be enhanced manifold by pairing it with tangy Sev Potato Puri!


Let your food match well with your wine, to relish the experience till the last drop and morsel, literally!

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