Myths and Facts about wine!

For everyone from amateurs to connoisseurs, there are certain stereotypes that wine has been associated with over the years. Here are some myths and facts about the fascinating world of wine that you should know:

1. The more expensive the wine the better – Myth!


What critics perceive as good quality wine may not really match your tastes. In fact, what is more expensive may not be what you actually like.


2. Wine is good for your health – Fact!



3. Open the bottle of wine to let it breathe – Myth!


Simply opening the bottle of wine does not  expose enough surface area for the wine to aerate. It needs to be poured into a glass and swirled around or a decanter should be used.  However, too much aeration can cause the wine to deteriorate.


 4. Red wine should be served at room temperature and white wine chilled – Myth!


This is an age old practice. The fact remains that the temperature of the wine can alter the aroma . However, red wines are often served too warm and white wines much too chilled.


5. Red wine is best with meat and white wine with fish – Fact!


Due to the higher levels of iron in red wine and the comparatively lower level of iron in white, red wine pairs excellently with red meat and white with fish.


 6. White sediments found in wine indicate poor wine quality – Myth!



The white sediments sometimes found in wine are in fact an indication that the wine has been fermented with great care as the sediments are a result of fine fermentation of wine and that fine pulp can pass by the filtration process.


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