Have You Chosen The Right Wine Glass

So after all the homework that you have done on scouring the countless types and qualities of wines, you are now gleefully eyeing a neatly packed Le Ambrosie wine bottle lying on your table! Alas! Your wine drinking experience is not yet complete as you are still to pick out the correct wine glass.

Although many may see no difference between a red and white wine glass, a wine connoisseur must know that there are several distinguishing factors that govern the choice of a perfect glass for red and white wine.

Red and White Wine Glasses: A Comparison


Red wine glasses have larger bowls and wider openings, as it increases the rate of oxidation. When red wine is swirled in a larger glass bottom, its aromas and flavors are magnified and more prevalent. Hence, the essence of red wine, which is generally more complex than that of white, develops suitably in the glass, adding to the enjoyment of your drink.

White wine glasses are especially crafted with narrow bowls that have smaller openings. This allows the chilled wine to retain its temperature as the reduced surface area results in less air being circulated around the glass and the wine does not get warm fast.          



For red wine glasses, the more generous the size, the better, to allow for a third fill and to permit aeration. The larger glass allows the wine to breathe, which brings out the different scents that the wine has to offer.

White wine glasses are generally smaller in size, but taller in length, so that the wine’s bolder flavours can be tasted at the back of your tongue.



Red wines present their best flavors and aromas at room temperature; hence, holding the glass by its bowl or with a shorter stem will not cause the temperature of your hand to warm up the wine it contains.

White wines tastes best when chilled, and holding the glass by a longer stem keeps the wine at its ideal temperature longer.

 Image Image

Make your rendezvous with your favourite potion into a relishing one, with the right glass in your hand. Stay tuned for more Le Ambrosie blogs to know everything that it takes to be a wine lover!

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